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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Moses Wiggins at Writers in the Brewery, 30 May 2013

This was a well-attended event starring Moses Wiggins who are: Nicholas John, who writes the stories and sings, and Keith Thompson http://www.densitymusic.com, who sings and plays red-hot guitar.

Open mic:

For this evening, there was a slight change in format, with the 'open mic' part first. To start with, Jane, a writer of historical romances, told us how, inspired by Rob Palmer's talk at Writers in the Brewery in April, she had put two of her existing books onto Amzon's Kindle Prime, where readers can download books for free for a limited period, and had reached 3407 downloads, reaching no. 8 in the Historical Fiction chart. She recommended using the Ebookbooster service www.ebookbooster.com to publicize the book (for $40). The only downside was that she had only made eight sales, but was hoping to get some good reviews from those who'd downloaded it to give some impetus to the books.

There was only one other writer up for the loacl writers reading their work part of  'open mic', and that writer was me; it felt rather like being the support act. I read my short ghost story, Intersection, which seemed to hold the audience's attention. Thank you to all those who came up afterwards and said how much they had enjoyed it.

Moses Wiggins:

Then after a short interval, and a glass of Muddy Wellies ale, Moses Wiggins took the stage, bringing with them a professional set up, including real microphones, amplifiers, computers, videos and lights; the only thing missing was pyrotechnics, although that might have been a good thing in such a small venue. They performed a new Word Song, a clever blend of story telling, music and video that kept us all thoroughly entertained, despite Keith having severe toothache and being on drugs (how very rock and roll!) to kill the pain. After he'd performed a blues song in the style of Seasick Steve, I dubbed him 'Toothache Thompson', which has a ring to it. Keith's playing and Nick's angsty stories made for a most enjoyable evening.

You can see Keith Thompson band on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/Densitymusic, he is also a frequent performer at New Brewery Arts Blues Nights and a few of his performances are on NewBreweryArts channel http://www.youtube.com/user/NewBreweryArts.

Nick writes regularly for The Stow Times, check out his short stories on their website http://www.stowtimes.co.uk/archive.php, see his short story 'The Cloth We're Cut From' in the May issue for http://www.stowtimes.co.uk/stow_on_the_wold/issues/Stow_Times_May_2013.pdf, or other stories in earlier issues.

They have a performance coming up at Peppers in Gloucester.

Coming up:

The next Writers in the Brewery events are on the last Thursday of each month, doors open 7pm for a 7:30pm start and 9:00pm finish. Price £4, which goes to the venue, New Brewery Arts (as does the bar money), so supporting the raffle which helps with the expenses of the speakers/performers. Events are organized by, creative writing teaching, Dr Rona Laycock.

Writers in the Brewery:

For more about Writers in the Brewery see the New Brewery Arts website newbreweryarts.org.uk/courses-events-and-groups/join-a-group/writers-in-the-brewery-c-453_312_361.html

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