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Friday, 8 March 2013

Lesley Saunders at Writers in the Brewery – 28 February 2013

It's been quite a while since my last post, but with the Writers in the Brewery now restarted after its winter layoff it is an excellent point to begin again.

Writers in the Brewery 2013 opened with the excellent Lesley Saunders, a writer and poet, unusual in being well acquainted with history and science.

Lesley reminisced about a residency at Acton Court, near Bristol, which Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn visited in May 1535; Anne was beheaded within a year. Acton Court and its associations proved to be an evocative place, inspiring Lesley to write a number of thought–provoking, enjoyable poems about such themes as music and dance, the passing on of messages in prayer books, cravings during pregnancy for rampions (a type of wild flower, prized in Tudor times for its spinach-like leaves, and tasty roots), and the religious turmoil of those days. There were also a number of strong poems inspired by museums and scientific themes, such as technology, medicine, germ theory and astronomy.

After a break, I read my short story: A Question of Time, Liz Carew read one of her evocative poems, and Lesley engaged us in conversation.

For me, it was an enjoyable, inspiring evening, helped along by a couple of bottles of Muddy Wellies ale. It was only a shame how few from Cirencester turned up for such an excellent poet and speaker, though the audience was boosted by some who'd come from the Forest of Dean.

Lesley's book of poetry Cloud Camera is available from amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cloud-Camera-Lesley-Saunders/dp/1901677818/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1362762521&sr=1-3, where she also has some books on education.
Find out more about Lesley at her website http://www.lesleysaunders.org.uk/ 

Let me know what you thought.

Coming up:

The next Writers in the Brewery events are on the last Thiursday of each month, doors open 7pm for a 7:30pm start and 9:00pm finish. Price £4, which goes to the venue, New Brewery Arts (as does the bar money), so please also support the raffle which helps with the expenses of the speakers/performers. Events are organized by Dr Rona Laycock.

  • Thursday 28 March 2013 - 30 minute creative writing workshop, followed by an open mic
  • Thursday 25 April 2013 - Poets, artists and musicians John Gibbens and Armorel Weston, followed by open mic. Check them out on myspace http://www.myspace.com/thechildrenofalbion. Find out more about Armorel at  http://www.touched.co.uk/phono/armorelweston.html and more from John's collaboration with Armorel as The Children http://www.touched.co.uk/phono/children.html.
  • Thursday 30 May 2013 - 30 minute creative writing workshop, followed by an open mic
  • Thursday 27 June 2013 - Howard Timms will perform his solo play Let the Lady Sing. He is Playwriter at Chicago Dramatists, member of the Cheltenham Everyman Writers Lab and Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre Co, co-founder of Playhouse New Drama.Find out more about Howard on the Playhouse New Drama site http://howardtimmswritesite.com/
For more about Writers in the Brewery see the New Brewery Arts website http://www.newbreweryarts.org.uk/courses-events-and-groups/join-a-group/writers-in-the-brewery-c-453_312_361.html

And don't forget it is World Book Night soon 23 April 2012 http://www.worldbooknight.org/

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March 28 2013 change to advertised programme

Speaker: Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer has decades of experience as an award-winning author, journalist, copywriter, scriptwriter and speechwriter. He has written for publications ranging from the Financial Times to the Wall Street Journal, and has undertaken communications projects for many of the world’s leading corporations.

As well as publishing with traditional publishers, he has also built a successful e-publishing business from scratch, and advises many publishers on ebook and print-on-demand strategies.

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