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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Showing vidoes on new youtube channel page

I hadn't realized it had been so long since my last post - I thought maybe a couple of months but it's been nearly 8 months!

I have been busy editing my novel Inspector Hobbes, which is now ready to go out to agents. Wish me luck.

I've also been making changes on my author platform. The latest changes have been on youtube, prompted by the change to the channel page.

When the channel page first changed, it appeared my poetry videos were no longer available from it, so I selected the option to go back to the previous format. Anyway this is how we resolved it.

  • Logon to youtube

  • Use the dropdown list for your account on the top right and select 'My Channel'

  • At the top of the channel page, again in the top right (just under your account name), select 'Edit Channel'

  • (if you want, you can use this to reselect the old channel layout)

  • At the top of the channel settings, select 'Info and Settings'

  • Enter the title you want to appear at the top of your channel page

  • Enter the description, although this is only shown (currently) if the channel view asks for more information. Fill it in anyway as it will help with channel searches

  • If you don't have any already, add some tags

  • Tick if you want the channel visible or not

  • Select the 'Default Tab' - this is what I had to change to make the channel open with my videos as the default. By default it opens on your feed, showing what you've liked or favourited (depending on whether these have been marked to be shared - more on this below). To change this select the 'Videos Tab' and also untick the 'Always take subscribed users to the feed tab'

  • At the top of the channel settings, select 'Featured Tab'

  • Tick the 'Enable featured tab' and if you want to show your playlists, then select the first option for 'creator' (selecting it just highlights the layout)

  • At the top right of the channel settings select 'Finished editing'

What is shown on your 'feeds' tab also appears differently, but you can select the options you want:

  • Logon to youtube

  • Use the dropdown list for your account on the top right

  • Select 'Settings'

  • On the left hand side of the settings, choose 'Share'

  • Tick the options 'On youtube' that you want to appear on your 'feeds' tab. I've now selected all the 'On youtube' options, but I may change it again later.

If you like my poetry vidoes then you should visit my channel again soon as I'm putting the finishing touches to a new poem which I intend to record.

I'm also on the lookout for some writing competitions and plan to try my luck in some of these.

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Wilkie Martin said...

Since the above, I've changed the 'Featured Tab' layout to be 'blogger' type. And made the 'Featured tab' the default tab.

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