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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Helping your book on Amazon

I've been keeping an eye out for tips on how Amazon works and found a few things on Amazon Setup that you can change to help with Amazon sales and with the books profile.

1. (If you haven't done so already) you can go into Amazon and claim your book(s). You will need an Amazon account - you may want to create a new one so you can make any purchases/comments (or reviews of other books) under your author profile and not your customer one. Then simply go to the bottom of the book screen where there is an 'I am the author' connection, as shown below.

2. You can also change the product details, correct names etc in 'update product info'.

3. Add some product tags so that your book gets listed in different searches - anyone can add their own tags to their book (or any other book).

4. And you can help make suggestions to Amazon that increase the chances of your book being listed in these sections when people look at other books (these sections don't necessarily all appear for your book):

Find other books on Amazon that are related to yours and always view them (ask you friends to view them as well) whenever you view your own. (You could even buy them!)

5. Amazon rankings are worked out all the time, but if you ask people to buy your book on a particular day then you have a better chance of getting up the rankings (though it doesn't last long ...). It doesn't have to be just on launch day.

6. Add some reviews of other people's books, especially if they are in the same genre. Use your author profile when you do so. Don't use the review as a chance to plug your book or to rubbish the opposition. It is just a way to help direct people to your profile and from there to your book.

7. On your author profile, make sure you have a public profile, and check the details are correct. Add a photo. Check how much of your data you want to share in past purchases etc. Add a webpage address - this can be your Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

If you goto the amazon.com site and select your book on there, then this has an option to 'like' the book.

Linn said...

Helpful advice Wilkie, thank you! I will go and add my tags now....

Wilkie Martin said...

If your book is already on Amazon, go to https://AuthorCentral.Amazon.com, create an account, create a profile, and claim your book then you can see the sales figures for it.

(see http://wildfiremarketing.blogspot.com/2011/03/monday-morning-marketing-tip-march-7.html)

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