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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Adding my blog to facebook using NetworkedBlogs

Some writer's blogs have an option that allows the blog to be followed using facebook. This is by using the facebook app networkedblogs. As it looked a handy thing, I've added it to mine.

To Add facebook app

  • In facebook, on your home page

  • go to the apps (select from the right)

  • at the bottom select the apps directory, and enter networkedblogs

  • click on networkedblogs to open the application

  • then go to the application

  • allow it permission on you your facebook

NetworkedBlog settings

  • in networkedblogs application

  • select the profile

  • complete the profile information you want

  • and then add your blog

  • select blog categories

  • at the bottom, select advanced and enter a name. This will allow you to access the blog later by using this sort of address
    so you can easily get to and change the settings

Add blog to facebook

  • on your author page

  • select apps and add networkedblogs

  • your selected blogs will appear as a seperate tab, select to post onto the wall and/or onto the tab

  • at the top right (in networkedblogs from facebook, page or direct) select syndication

Set facebook permissions

  • grant permissions to access facebook

  • select the blog from the list of those you have added to networkedblogs

  • and select to show the blog on your facebook page, or facebook author page

Add a follow me widget

  • then add the 'follow with networkedblogs' widget to your blog and website

  • under the syndication button (during setup) select widget and collect the code

  • in your blog, add an html gadget and paste the code and adjust the size if it is too big

  • if you are adding the widget later, then, while logged into facebook, go to http://www.networkedblogs/blog/blognameyouenteredinadvanced

  • at the bottom of the page select 'visit the blogpage on facebook'

  • next to the 'blog feed details' select 'widget'

  • choose the widget or badge and get the code

  • then in your blog or website add the widget/badge code

Each new follower

  • when users select the option to follow the blog to use this app they have to enable networkedblogs access to facebook

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