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Friday, 29 October 2010

Mac McFadden at Writers in the Brewery 28 October 2010

Mac McFadden is a performance poet originally from Merseyside but who now lives in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Mac treated us to some very funny and often touching poems, many based on growing up, getting mucky, tragic relations with girls and the difficulties of being a poet in a macho community. Others, such as one about taking tea with the queen in a kebab shop and about a girl with rice crispies in her hair may have been more fanciful. Mac uses ingenious rhymes and satisfying rhythms and tempos while moving between funny and thoughtful works.

For a sample of his work then see this playlist of Mac's videos on youtube, there are not from his performance at Writers in the Brewery but do include one from the night, Marmite:
Mac Macfadden playlist

His set went down extremely well with a packed audience and caused a few qualms for local writers who were to come after - it was a definite case of 'follow that!' However, we did and, I think, we acquitted ourselves well. Amongst the other readers were Annie - 'poet laureate' from the Forest of Dean and Peter Wyton Gloucestershire 1000 'poet laureate' from Cheltenham. There was a good mix of poetry and prose.

I read Rebel Spirit, a silly poem about my great grandfather's sticky end in a pool of jam. One member of the audience claimed it was brilliant - I should have got it in writing!

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Monday, 25 October 2010

Add an artist page in facebook

Facebook includes an option to create a customised page as well as a normal personal account. Separate pages on facebook get listed in search engines like google.

This is how we added a page.

  • logon to facebook
  • go to http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=904#!/pages/create.php
  • complete 'Official Page'
  • select 'artist' then 'writer'
  • enter the name for the page (take care - this can't be changed after it is created without deleting and recreating the page)
  • if appropriate, confirm that you are the right person to be doing this
  • 'Create official page'
  • go though the steps to add some content
  • upload an image
  • edit page information
  • complete the wall settings
  • add some 'info'
  • complete the settings, switch off 'publicly visible' until you are ready to publish the page
  • on left hand panel, select 'write something about' and complete some basic information.
  • If you want additional tabs
  • select 'Home'
  • on left panel expand 'more' under 'applications'
  • select 'adverts and pages'
  • at the bottom of the list select 'Static FBML' application
  • and 'add to page'

  • select 'Home'
  • on left panel expand 'more' under 'applications'
  • go through the options one at a time

  • for additional tabs
  • edit application 'FBML 1' which is your new additional tab
  • edit the name of the tab
  • and enter the text or html for you want to appear in it
  • 'save changes'
  • 'add another fbml box' if you want another one, this is at the bottom of the page
  • at the top select 'edit' next to your page name
  • then under applications select the new 'FBML 1' and edit and save as before
  • if you want to add youtube videos on your additional tab, see http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-customize-your-facebook-page-using-static-fbml/

  • select 'edit' at the top by your page name, then select 'view page'
  • drag and drop the tabs to the order you want
  • remove any you don't want
  • select 'wall' then add any links you want to be on your link page
  • select 'Home'
  • on left panel expand 'more' under 'applications'
  • select 'wall settings' and change the landing tab to be the one you want to appear first when people open your page
  • 'view page' to check it appears as you want, and, if you are happy, set its profile to public
  • Connect to twitter if you want your page updates to be notified to twitter
  • If you have a blog or website, select 'promote this page..' and copy the html given onto them
To edit the page later,

  • Home
  • in left hand panel, expand 'more' under 'Applications'
  • select 'Adverts and pages'
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