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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Which blog directories to use

Whether a blog is a necessary part of generating your author's platform depends upon how you feel about blogging and whether you have anything to write about on a regular basis. This posting is related to how my blogs are being published. As this is a technical one I'm handing over to @whispproduction.

Good luck.

Hello authors, and thank you Wilkie.

We have helped with some aspects of setting up this blog as just writing it isn't enough and you have to do some legwork as well. Although having interesting postings is the best way to get your blog noticed, a blog directory needs to have regular postings. Until there are several entries some blog directories will ignore it, no matter how good the content.

There are lots and lots of blog directories around, some of which are no longer used (or don't seem to be). So which should you register with? And what do you have to do to register, and what do you do once you have registered?

When setting up you will need to create an account your chosen directory. Make sure you have your email details and the rss/atom/feed address (in blogger you can get this by logging on and going to 'Settings'->'Site Feed' and copying the link from there), and the URL of your blog (http://xxx.blogspot.com). Consider what type of blog you have (Technical, Entertainment, Arts etc) so you know where you want it listed. Also, create a blog description you can copy during the setup. If you have a picture handy you can add this with the profile details, where this is allowed. It's obvious, but do remember to save the logon id, email and password information you use so you can access the directory later.

Once you have created the account and linked to the blog, look in your email for a mail from each blog directory service as they require confirmation that you are the owner and this is normally done through an email prompt. Technorati and bloglines send a unique code which you will need to include in a posting. Until this is done you are not identified as the blog owner.

We logon and check the blog directory entries at least every couple of weeks. We've found they benefit from regular maintenance in the form of visits and searches using the blog search tools the directory provides just to make sure it is refreshing with the new postings. It makes sense to use the blog directory anyway as it is providing you with a free service and it is only polite to use it if you want to reference your blog. For this reason we'd recommend not using all of the blog directories that exist (though it depends how much time you want to dedicate). The ones you use are up to you. To provide you with a starting list the ones we have registered Wilkie's blog with are below. If you have found this blog entry then one of these is likely to have helped you find it - if you know which, then we'd love to know. If you have no idea then don't worry.

  • www.technorati.com
    This was going through a period of change when we registered the blog and was reconfirming ownership of all blogs registered in a bid to tidy up it's lists. It took two goes but it did eventually accept the blog. It has good search facilites and regularly updates with the new blog postings. It seems to be quite widely used and we have found references to it from quite a lot of places. If we do a Google search on the blog then it's reference for the blog appears in the results.
  • http://www.bloglines.com/
    It was only after registering on this blog directory that searches using http://www.ask.com/ started to show results on Wilkie's blog, so this is a good one to do. This is also the one that Wilkie uses most to view other blogs.
  • http://www.blogcatalog.com/
    This has good referencing in it and has the advantage of allowing you to link to other social media like twitter, facebook and others. It also allows you to establish a blog network. We logon and check the blog regularly with this. There is sometimes a bit of a delay in picking up new postings so occasionally we have asked it to refresh the entries. If we do a Google search on the blog then it's reference for the blog appears in the results.
  • http://www.bloggernity.com/
    If we do a Google search on the blog then it's reference for this blog appears in the results. Registering on this directory moved the returned results in Google for it up the results.
  • Google reader
    This is available as part of the google set you get when you start a blogger blog. Just login to Blogger, and choose 'my account', and add google reader.

The more often you post the more likely other blog directories will find the blog. We didn't specifically register with any of these (or we hadn't at the time of this posting), but after several months of postings their robots or search bots started to pickup up this blog (we know this from the list of bots given in the stats for the blog in feedburner.com).

  • SimplePie, Caibu, BlogPulse, BlogSphere, Cuill, IceRocket, MSN News Blogs, Moreover, Planet, PubSubHubHub, Radian 6, Search Bot, Sphere, Twingly, ia archiver bot
Each of the ones we manually linked to (apart from technorati's which is still under development) also allows you to create a button with a link from your blog to the blog directory. The buttons created look like this:

Subscribe with BloglinesBooks Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directoryblog search directory

If you register with the same directories and you want the same buttons as this blog then you can use the following code. To add it to a blog created in blogger (in blogger designer create a new gadget of type html and copy this code into it). Here is the code:

<a href=http://www.bloglines.com/sub/http://YOURBLOGFEEDADDRESS>
<img src="http://static.bloglines.com/images/sub_modern10.gif" border="0" alt="Subscribe with Bloglines" />

<a href="http://www.blogcatalog.com/directory/entertainment/books/" title="Books Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory">
<img src="http://assets.blogcatalog.com/buttons/blogcatalog5.gif" alt="Books Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory" style="border: 0;" />

<a href="http://www.Bloggernity.com/" target="_blank">
<img src="http://www.Bloggernity.com/images/80x15.png" alt="blog search directory" width="80" height="15" border="0" />

For individual buttons:

  • bloglines - do a google search for bloglines buttons as this is the easiest way to find them, choose the one you want and copy the code (http://www.bloglines.com/about/subscribe)

  • bloggernity - at the very bottom of the webpage select 'link to us', select the button and copy the code

  • blogcatalog - logon, on you page, select 'blog catalog button', select the button and copy the code.

If you found any other directories helpful, then let us know.

If you want to register with lots of blog directories and are looking for a list then we found this very good, resonably recent list, compiled by iWoodpeckers http://www.iwoodpecker.com/submit-blog-to-50-free-working-blog-directories/

Good luck with your platform and book.

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Wilkie Martin said...

Sorry the blogcatalog icon has gone walkabout.

Wilkie Martin said...

We have removed the blogcatalog button at the end of the blog as this isn't available currently.

Wilkie Martin said...

The blogcatalog button has been added back onto my blog. I reselected the code from the 'blog catalog button' option on the account page. I had to choose the button with the blog ranking as that was the only one where the graphic was showing correctly.

Wilkie Martin said...

Link to bloggernity now removed as it doesn't work anymore and I can't open the bloggernity site either.

Wilkie Martin said...

Bloggernity link is working again.

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