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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Using Bloggers new template designer

I've just had to redo a step in generating my #author's #platform. My posting Making a blog on #blogger look more like a website detailed the many changes we'd made to my blog to customise it and to make it look more like my website. We lived with it for a few weeks while we looked at other people's websites and blogs, and came to the conclusion that we had gone the wrong way. Instead of making the blog look like the website we should have made the website look more like the blog! The shorter lines of text generally found on blogs was much easier to read than the wide lines allowed on the website. So we decided to change both the blog and the website again. We started with the blog and found that blogger now makes customisation changes much easier. Although you can still amend the html as we mentioned before, there is now a template designer that does it all for you.
  • In blogger,
  • go to 'Design'
  • then select the new option 'Template Designer'.
  • Choose the template you want and customise the fonts and colours, and choose a new background. The template will be applied to your current blog.
  1. The only problem we found with this was that all the gadgets we had on the site were moved into the side bar, including those we had at the bottom of the blog. However, the 'Layout' option in the new 'Template Designer' allowed us to move them back where we wanted.

  2. Then the only other thing to do was to reapply a couple of the html change that we had before.
  • This included adding back the options available from feedburner to add links at the end of every post to share the blog. See Include options on #blog to add the posting to #social #bookmarking sites

  • And also, to remove the blogger navigation/toolbar bar that appears at the top of the blog (if you want to that is).
    Near the top of the code, just before
    /* variable definitions
    insert the following code

    /*remove toolbar start*/#navbar-iframe {display: none} /*remove toolbar end */

The next job was to make the website look more like the new layout of the blog. This was also easier to do that we expected as the site hosting my website now also includes a design tool. So we have rebuilt the website too.

Good luck .

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Wilkie Martin said...

If you wonder why the navigation bar is appearing at the top of my blog thats because I've taken out the line I mention above (/*remove toolbar start*/#navbar-iframe {display: none} /*remove toolbar end */).

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