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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Jenny Jones at #WritersintheBrewery 25 March 2010

Writers in the Brewery welcomed author Jenny Jones. Jenny has been published frequently in the horror and fantasy genres but is now working as a psychotherapist. She has found that her new profession has gives an insight into why she writes horror fantasy and spoke in defence of the genre, which some people look down on as not being 'real'.

She believes the genre is the equivalent of fairy stories for grown-ups, or at least those grown-ups who have retained some of the childlike capacity to use their imagination. The fascination with horror is a left over from our earliest memories, such as the terror of being born and the inability to escape from things that may be frightening. A baby that has been left alone with its own fears for too long may well be damaged for life. A good horror story takes us back to childhood fears. Despite everything, horror is a popular genre especially among teenagers who are going through so many changes. After all, our worst fears may threaten to overwhelm the heroes but normally, by the end of the book, they have triumphed over them.

Jenny recalled that the first story she remembered writing was a horror story. She didn't consciously decide to write stories in the genre; that was just the way they turned out. She found them cathartic. That may be the reason why she has found writers in the genre to be so easy to get on with - they have written out all the bad stuff.

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Kathy said...

Hi, with some difficulty I finally found some info on Jenny Jones, one of my favourite authors, here in your post. Sadly she shares the name with someone else very widely published so it's like a needle in a haystack.

Do you have any further information on where Ms Jones is and how I may contact her?

Wilkie Martin said...

Hi Kathy,
I don't have Jenny's contact details but I've been in touch with the organizer, who has and is willing to forward a message. If you send your email address to info@wilkiemartin.com, I'll make sure it gets passed to Jenny.


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