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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Setup a blog on #blogger so it looks like a website blog

Looking for tips for setting up an author's platform we came across a link to The top 5 author website mistakes on http://www.authortechtips.com/. Some points hit home, particularly that it is a common mistake to have a website with a seperate blog that is built on blogger.

My blog is a separate blogger one. While it is possible to change this to use a different blogger or to use opensource tools to add a blog to the website, we have decided to keep the blog on blogger but to make it appear as if it is connected to the website. This means we can continue to create blog postings using the blogger tool.

The address of the blogger blog

This is how we have done it.

Making a blog on blogger look like it comes from your website domain

To do this you need: a blogger blog and a website, and you need to be able to logon to your website domain administration.

Changing the website so it points to the blog on blogger

My website has a page in it's navigation called 'blog'. However this was just giving a list of blog titles (provided by feedburner and as described in Add blog to website), it wasn't actually opening the blog.

But we used the following method to show the blog.

  • In you website source.

  • Create a blog.htm, add to the website navigation, and load the website.
  • Go to domain administration for the website.
  • Within the website options setup a page redirect request for this blog.htm to go to the blogger blog.
    From http:\\www.yourwebsitename.com\blog.htm
    to http:\\yourblogid.blogspot.com

So selecting 'blog' in your website's navigation will take you to the actual blog.

This is all you need to get to the blog from the website, however if you want the blog to appear to have come from your website and not from blogger continue as follows.

Set blog on blogger so that is appears to come from the website domain

  • Go to domain administraion for the website.

  • In the DMS zone editor.

  • Create a new CNAME.

  • Set
    address 1 = blog.yourwebsitename.com
    address 2 = ghs.google.com

  • You don't have to create the blog domain (blog.yourwebsitename.com), just use it as the name.

  • (In the setup instructions for doing this that are given in blogger, settings for the A record in DMZ are also given. We didn't set these as our domain server doesn't let us. The redirect still works ok through. The help in blogger also gives information on how to obtain a domain name if you don't have one for your website.)
  • Logon to blogger.

  • Select 'settings' from the main menu.

  • Select 'basic'.

  • At the top, select 'export blog'.

  • And 'download blog' to you local machine so you have a copy if it all goes wrong.
  • Then select 'layout'.

  • Select 'edit html'.

  • And select the option at the top to download a copy of your template (again, just in case of problems).
  • Select 'settings' from the main menu.
  • Then select 'publishing'.

  • Select ' custom domain'.

  • Select 'switch to advanced settings' which is next to 'already own a domain'.

  • Enter the name of your blog (blog.yourwebsitename.com).

When you ask for the blogger blog (yourblogid.blogspot.com) it appears with the blog name on your website that you have given it (blog.yourwebsitename.com).
address yourblogid.blogspot.com returns blog.yourwebsitename.com
address blog. yourwebsitename.com returns blog.yourwebsitename.com
address www.yourwebsitename.com/blog.htm returns blog.yourwebsitename.com.

The blog is still in blogger, and can be amended, and new posts added using the blogger website.

Adding a link from the blog back to website

Now the blog appears to be a part of the website, we've added a gadget to the blog so there is a 'Home' link that takes you to the website.

  • In blogger.

  • Select 'layout'.

  • At the top 'add a gadget'.

  • Choose type 'html'.

  • Enter the text 'Home' and a link to the website.

  • Save the gadget and position where wanted.

  • Save the template.

And, because we also have additional pages in the blog, we've renamed the previous additional page which is called Home' (the default) to 'Blog'.

  • In blogger.

  • Select 'layout'

  • At the top, next to the pages, select 'edit'

  • Rename the 'Home' page to 'Blog'

  • Save the page settings

  • And save the template

Good luck with this. Let us know how you get on.

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