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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Losing twitter and adding a 'tweet this' button to blog

Losing tweets

I noticed some of my tweets were getting lost. I did a search to see if others were having the same problem and found they were. Some were having a problem with any tweet that contained a hashtag (#) field. So I tried the same tweet without the #, but it still got lost. Further investigation suggested that the likely cause was the long url (in this case, to a radio show on the BBC iplayer). Using the tinyurl.com site to create a new shorter url to the radio show I retwittered and this time it didn't disappear.

Adding a 'tweet me' option to my blog

Another search found various options for adding a 'tweet this' onto a blog. The one I've chosen is supplied by i-stuff.blogspot.com. It opens twitter with a prefilled tweet saying 'This is really interesting - ' and gives a tinyurl link that goes to the blog page. It doesn't give the title of the blog though.

To add it in blogger
  • go to 'layout'
  • select 'add a gadget'
  • select 'html' type gadget
  • paste in the code from the i-stuff.blogspot.com link
  • move the gadget to where the option is wanted

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Wilkie Martin said...

The 'tweet this' button was removed as the way I'd added it always tweeted the home page of the blog not the posting you were on. But I've now added a 'share' this button instead.

Wilkie Martin said...

See my post on adding a 'share' button

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