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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cherry Gilchrist at #WritersInTheBrewery

Cherry Gilchrist, a #writer on such diverse topics as mythology, alchemy, personal relationships and Russian art and culture drew a good crowd on the evening of 25 February 2010, at Writers in the Brewery. She talked about writing life stories, a popular genre at the present. Everyone has their own unique life story, though most will not be commercial. This does not mean that they should not be written. They may be of great interest to the writers' children, grandchildren and friends and can be cathartic for the writers. She pointed out that people undertaking the task do not have to be in their declining years as further volumes can be written as time passes. People's life stories can give a fascinating insight into family and social history from the writers' own, unique, point of view. Though they should aim to be authentic and accurate, Cherry pointed out the unreliability of memory. It was an interesting and engaging talk from a writer who knows her stuff. . Her new book, 'Your Life, Your Story', was published by Piatkus in Feb 2010. For anyone interested, Cherry also runs life story writing classes, courses and consultancy, see www.write4life.co.uk/ or www.cherrygilchrist.co.uk/.

Following Cherry's talk other writers, including two from Swindon's Bluegate Poets (http://www.bluegatepoets.com/) entertained us with poems and prose. I read a short story called 'An Unfortunate Entanglement', about a drug smuggler getting netted by the law, which seemed to please the audience. I thought it was a most enjoyable evening and would like to thank all those who took part or supported it.

If you went too, let us know what you think.

The next Writers in the Brewery, with children's author, Jenny Jones, will be on 25 March 2010 from 7 - 9 pm.

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