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Thursday, 11 February 2010

How to #twitter your blog updates and add twitter to #website

I've been persuaded to open a twitter account as another step in building my #author's #platform. It should also be useful in providing a mechanism for sending blog updates and for adding latest information to my website without having to reload the website (or that is what I'm told it will do).

Apart from creating the twitter account I've had help with the following. Apparently this is how we did it. You'll need a website, a twitter account, a blogger account and a feedburner account for this approach to work. These are the settings we've used to start with, adjust them to give what you want.

Good luck if you try this. Let us know how you get on.

First create a twitter account

  1. in http://www.twitter.com/

  2. create a new account

  3. on the top right navigation bar select 'profile'

  4. then select '+' picture

  5. and select a picture to be used next to your postings

  6. on the top right navigation bar select 'settings'

  7. select 'time zone'

  8. and save settings

Publishing blog entries to twitter automatically with feedburner

  1. in http://www.feedburner.com/

  2. open your blog

  3. go to Publicize

  4. select Socialize

  5. under Select an account, Select a twitter account

  6. enter your logon/email and password

  7. for post content - title and body

  8. tick include link

  9. tick leave room for retweets

  10. for hash tags 'create hash tags from item categories'

  11. tick 'Use inline hash tags'

  12. additional text set to '#blog'

  13. item selection, set item limit to 1

  14. item order set to publish date

  15. keywork filter leave blank

  16. and Activate

Setup twitter so it can be added to website

  1. logon to your http://www.twitter.com/ account

  2. at the bottom navigation bar choose 'goodies'

  3. then choose 'widgets'

  4. choose widgets for 'my website'

  5. choose 'profile widget'

  6. on the left select 'preferences'

  7. tick 'poll for new results'

  8. tick 'include sidebar'

  9. set 'behaviour' to 'load all tweets'

  10. set 'number of tweets' to 10

  11. tick 'show avitars'

  12. tick 'show timestamps'

  13. tick 'show hashtags'

  14. on the left select 'appearance'

  15. select the square box next to each item and select the colour wanted
    move the arrow slider up and down to the palette you want then select a colour in the palette given on the left (or type the code of the colour)
    'shell background' - light blue - code 559ec2
    'tweet background' - light blue - code 97cfed
    'links' - dark blue - code 3507eb
    'shell text' - blackish - code 0f0e0f
    'tweet text' - blackish - code 0f0e0f

  16. on the left select 'dimensions'

  17. tick 'auto width'

  18. then select 'test settings' and amend anything to get settings wanted

  19. then select 'finish and grab code'

  20. and copy the code that is given

Add twitter to website

  1. go to website html source

  2. and add the code copied above

Writing blogs that go to twitter

When writing the blogs only a very small amount goes into the twitter line, the heading plus, possibly, the first part of the posting. Add #'s in the title and start of the posting before any words you want twitter to tage so they can be included in the twitter search categories eg #blog, #author, #social , #SocialBookmarking
You can search in hashtags.org for tags to use.
Add them before you publish the post though as this twitter link doesn't recapture the blog if you amend it after it is first published.

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You can also add twitter to facebook and to your blog, so check back on this blog for more information, or subscribe to the free blog updates, or follow @wilkiewrites on twitter to see when the details are added.

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Wilkie Martin said...

I've stopped publishing the blog to twitter and via twitter to facebook. Instead I'm now using networkedblogs from my facebook page to twitter and facebook.

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