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Friday, 29 January 2010

Sue Chad at Writers in the Brewery 28 Jan 2010

It was a cold, dark, January evening and a relatively sparse attendance at the Brewery Arts. Still it was good to see a few new faces among the audience. Sue Chad kicked off with a selection of her poems, written over a number of years. Some were amusing, some emotional and a few rhymed. I enjoyed them all and it seemed they were well appreciated by the audience. I still find it amazing how a few words, well chosen, can have such an impact. I bought a copy of Sue's collection Vanishing Point (at the bargain price of £1) and am browsing it at my leisure. So far it's been excellent. (Vanishing Point is listed on Amazon.)

After a bar break we restarted with various attendees reading their own work. A good mixture of poetry, a short story and a rant, not to mention my fairy tale, All in the Same Boat, which received a gratifying response.

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