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Monday, 25 January 2010

Starting to use social bookmarking and the favourite sites/blogs manager deli.cio.us

Continuing the process of building my blog and the interfaces to it, we have registered it with the social bookmarking site deli.cio.us. Like other social bookmarking sites this lets you save bbookmarks in one place, so if you have a Blackberry, a desktop, a laptop, and a netbook etc - you only need to save you favorite sites once and can then get to them from all the different devices. It also lets you see what things others are bookmarking and to share yours.

We also did this in the hope it would allow us to see the new iphone compatable icon that we created for the website (see Adding a website icon for iphone and stopping page not found for mobiles) as the icon given next to the bookmark. We read somewhere that it would show it here but it dosen't.

This blog and some pages on my website are now bookmarked on delicious. We've added buttons to the bottom of the blog to make adding a bookmark to this as easy as possible and I hope you'll want to bookmark this or some of my other posts.

This is how we joined delicious:

  • go to http://delicious.com/

  • select ' Join Now'

  • this takes you to a yahoo logon screen

  • sign up for yahoo if not already a member

  • fill in the details and associate the logon to delicious

  • select bookmarks and url and enter the url for your website/blog etc

  • enter some tags for the sites (a space marks a new tag) and save the details, experiment with tags that bring up your entry

  • check the recent additions of bookmarks to look for yours. By default this will show those saved by at least 2 people unless you select the drop down and select to see those saved by 1 person

Other social bookmarkers

We might look at these later when we've got the hang of delicious.com

Digg www.digg.com
StumbleUpon www.stumbleupon.com
Diigo www.diigo.com
Blinklist www.blinklist.com
Simpy www.simpy.com/
Reddit www.reddit.com/

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