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Monday, 14 December 2009

Blog reader

We thought we would try registering this blog with some blog readers to see if this increases the blog readership. We decided to start the process with technorati, a site we looked at before. Finding how to claim the blog isn't as straightforward as expected as there wasn't a straight option on the menu, but below are the steps we took.

Subscribing within a blog reader

Continuing the process of linking to this blog on the blog reader site technorati (that we first tried in the post 'Create a blog'):

On http://www.technorati.com/
join and complete the form
respond to the acknowlegment email
open technorati and login
click on your user name
on the account information
at the bottom click on 'claim'
enter your blog url and feed details
on returning to the account page
look for the blog at the bottom and click on 'claim your blog'
put the code given there into a new blog post
then when confirmed delete the post with it in or edit the post to take it out again when technorati update your account to see they have accepted the claim.
Then wait for the blog to be reviewed.


Wilkie Martin said...

The acceptance of this blog on technorati is still awaiting their review and acceptance. They said there was a backlog due to their building a new site. Time to review of this blog so far is 3 weeks (though this time does include Christmas & New Year).

Wilkie Martin said...

Technorati have now accepted this blog. It took 8 weeks for their review to be completed.

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