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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Additional blog setting

Although my blog received some hits and has several subscribers, we have been looking at what improvements we can make. Continuing with the blogs about how we are doing things, here are the settings we changed in my account in Feedburner.com, which we hope will help the blog's profile:

- Publicize->Pingshot->Activate

- Optimize->Smartfeed->Activate

- Optimize->Feedflare->and allow set the tickboxes for feeds, email this, email the author, share in facebook and the tickboxes for the site, subscribe to this feed.

- Publicize->Chicklet Chooser, select the top icon and go. Copy the code given onto the website link for the blog.

We'll see what effect these have on the blog. So far the number of subscribers has increased but the number of visitors hasn't been affected.

Any suggestions on how to increase readership are welcome

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JH for Wilkie said...

In feedburner
the del.icio.us and Mixx! options have also been added to the end of the feeds.

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