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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Add blog to website

I wanted to include my blog page(s) within my webpages without having to retype the contents or change my webpage every time I add a new post. I was already setup on feedburner (see CREATE A BLOG) and, as one of the features on there will provide a summary or the whole content of some of all of the blog entries, this is the method I used.These are the settings I used:

  • 1. Logon to http://www.blogger.com/.

  • 2. Select 'My Accounts' on the top right.

  • 3. Select Feedburner.

  • 4. Select 'Publicize' .

  • 5. Select 'BuzzBooster'.

  • 6. Set Number of items to display = All

  • Open Links in = Same window
    Display feed title = unticked
    Title = completed
    Display favicon = unticked
    Display item author name = unticked
    Display item content = unticked
    Display item publication date = unticked
    Display link to feed = untick

  • 7. When the page redisplays copy (Ctrl+C) the commands gived at the top of the screen in the 'Your BuzzBoost is ready' area.

  • 8. Go to the web page source, select html and paste (Ctrl+V) the code selected above.

Add Blog titles to Blog

  • 1. Logon to http://www.blogger.com/.

  • 2. Go to 'Layout' .

  • 3. On the left click on 'Add a Gadget' .

  • 4. Enter the title ' Blog Headings'.

  • 5. Paste (Ctrl+V) the feedburner code from above.

  • 6. Save.

  • 7. Drag and drop the new gadget to the postion wanted.

Let us know how you get on.


Wilkie Martin said...
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Wilkie Martin said...

As the list of blog titles got longer the blog was looking cluttered so we've moved the blog titles/headings feedburner code into a separate blog entry and linked the heading gadget on the blog to that entry.

Wilkie Martin said...

Selecting 'blog' on my website now goes to my blog. See this posting for how we did this, http://blog.wilkiemartin.com/2010/03/setup-blog-on-blogger-so-it-looks-like.html.

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