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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Include options on #blog to add the posting to #social #bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking websites (for instance delicious.com) allow you to save links to website pages and blog pages (or any web page) that you like in one place, so that you can use them from a common list of your favourite sites when using different devices, and so you only have to save the links once.

You can add extra options to a blog so that it gives options to add that blog posting to a blog reader or blog bookmarking system. If your blog is registered on feedburner, as this one is, then the following can be used to put these options on the blog. Depending which bookmarkers you select, it will look something like this at the end of the posting:

Add to del.icio.us - Share on Facebook - Technorati Links - Email this - Discuss on Newsvine - Add to Mixx!

The steps to do this are as follows:

  • go to http://www.feedburner.com/

  • logon and select your blog

  • go to optimize

  • go to feedflare

  • tick the 'Site' options you want added

  • see the bottom of the screen for how this will appear

  • then select the 'Get HTML code toput feedflare on your site'

  • choose your blog

  • find the layout section and save the code given for this

  • go to http://www.blogger.com/

  • login and go to the layout for your blog

  • select to EDIT HTML

  • tick the option 'expand widget'

  • search in the code given for &lt:div class='post-footer'>

  • after that line add the code you save above

  • save the template

  • preview the template

The advantage is that is makes it simple to save a link to the blog entry on the social bookmarking sites that it lists. It is possible to do this anyway but it saves one step and so hopefully increases the number of people who save a link.

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